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Welcome to the BASHTASTIC Career Coaching Institute About page. Here, you can meet the team and learn why we coach. We believe that everyone deserves an amazing career. We believe our mission is to empower your success. We envision a future where you conquer your career and unlock your full human potential. We believe in you. And we believe we can help you become who you're meant to be. Schedule a free career consultation today!

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Bashar Salah, M.S.
Founder, Head Coach

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Meet Bashar! A creative and entrepreneurial professional with a quick mind for identifying problems and implementing solutions. Bashar is obsessed with bringing novel and effective ideas to life. Bashar has coached hundreds of professionals over the last 6+ years working on everything from job hunt strategy, to writing winning resumes, practicing interviews, getting and negotiating FORTUNE 500 job offers, and much more. With 10+ years navigating the professional arena, Bashar is the perfect coach for clients interested in creative, technical and business-oriented roles. This includes R&D, Tech, IT, Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Technical Sales, and much more.

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Lamar Blackwell, Ph.D.
Experienced Coach

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Meet Lamar! A strategic and highly effective professional and career coach. Lamar strives for excellence in all he does including his Ph.D. in biological sciences, his time in academic research, and his success across the Pharma and Consumer industries. Lamar has career coached hundreds of motivated students and early career professionals to advance their careers. With 12+ years of experience, Lamar is the perfect coach for any client interested in life science, pharma, PhD to industry, public speaking, or strategic thinking.

Let's talk about Structured Coaching.

Targeted plans to solve specific problems. Need help getting interviews? We got you covered. Having trouble passing your interviews? We've got a plan for that. We've created coaching plans that are TRIED and TRUE. Each is structured with surgical precision to help you unlock your full human potential and conquer your career. This is what we do, and we're good at it. Ready to book a plan, check out our coaching plans page.  Want to see what our client's are saying, check out our testimonials page.

Let's talk about Flex-Coaching.

This is FLEXIBLE coaching where you can ask about and discuss absolutely anything career related. Typically, clients will explain their situation at length and we'll help identify big themes, structure thoughts, and make a realistic plan to achieve their goals. We promise to give full, undivided attention with a studied perspective on your unique situation. All that is delivered through calm, curious, thoughtful, and insightful conversation. Check out our coaching plans page to book Flex-Coaching!


  • Structure your thoughts into a realistic plan-of-action.

  • Walk step-by-step with you through a difficult career phase.

  • Share industry insights from a hiring managers perspective.

  • Analyze your personality, strengths and areas of opportunity.

  • Help you better understand your passions and skillsets.

  • Optimize your resume for the jobs you really want.

  • Help you hunt for jobs and improve your interview skills.

  • Land internships while you're still in school or university.

  • Network with professionals in your desired industry.


  • Life Sciences, Physical Sciences 

  • Research & Development

  • Big Tech, Tech

  • Engineering

  • Business Management

  • Economics

  • Government, Public Policy

  • Social Media


Since there could be an infinite number of situations and problems to address in flex-coaching, BASHTASTIC career coaches implement a 3-step process to help you structure your thoughts, diagnose the problem, create an targeted plan, and execute. Here's what the conversations will include:


You can expect an experience that takes a big picture approach. Our consultations involve researching the your situation together to gain an understanding of your unique needs. We then study common solutions and provide an individualized strategy to help you move forward in your career. We strive to provide a comprehensive plan of attack that empowers you to seize opportunities and reach your career goals.


Achieving any meaningful goal can be difficult. To ensure success, we'll collaborate to develop a strategy that prepares to achieve career conquest. We'll focus on creating a sustainable plan that organizes your daily life towards making progress. Success is never an accident. Even the luckiest among us spend lots of time and energy building their future.


Time to make things happen. We discussed your situation. We diagnosed the problem. We reflected on obstacles in your way. We developed an effective and sustainable strategy. Now it's time to get it done. It's time to work hard and work smart. Pedal to the metal and make your dreams a reality. Elon Musk famously said "nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week." Similarly, we can't expect change in our own life if we don't pour precious time and energy into building a more prosperous future. This is where you conquer your career, and we'll help you do it.

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