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Welcome to the BASHTASTIC Career Coaching Institute. Here, you'll find the exact coaching services you need at the best rates. Professionalism and quality are always guaranteed. Not sure which package is for you? Schedule a free career consultation today!

Do you want a BANGING resume that will SWEEP recruiters off their feet? Having trouble translating your technical experience into MEANINGFUL resume bullets? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the options on Fiverr? Look no further, my friend.


With 11 years of experience optimizing resumes for myself and others, I am supremely confident that we can UPGRADE your resume to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL.


Resume writing can be daunting. I know. And so together, we'll create a MESMERIZING document that captures what makes you truly special.


ULTIMATELY, you have only 10 seconds to capture the recruiter's attention with your resume. Resumes are marketing documents and need to be on-point to maximize your chances of getting the most PRESTIGIOUS JOBS. That's where I come in.


I'll help you uncover your hidden superpowers and communicate them to recruiters. 

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

Jeremy K Headshot.jpg

Client Testimonial:
Jeremey K.

It was delightful, informative and very helpful overall working with Bashar to revise my resume. His relaxed yet deep approach uncovered so many ways to enhance the wording and layout of my document.

The authentic and positive attitude he infused into our sessions opened up many new creative ideas that had never occurred to me before. Time speaking with Bashar is well spent, and I would encourage anyone looking for a coach to reach out to him!

Daniela Aizza_edited.jpg

Client Testimonial:
Daniela A.

Amazing! He goes above and beyond for his clients. His organization of the sessions was 10/10, everything was set up and clear for each meeting with summaries, homework, and what to expect. We did multiple different things to improve my skills and resume that I would not be able to get it done myself because I had no idea where to start. He broke everything into smaller tasks and made sure I was understanding everything throughout the whole process. I am really grateful I found him to help me and I am definitely hiring him again to practice interviews. 100% recommend him.

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