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Welcome to BASHTASTIC Testimonials. Here, you'll see what my clients have to say about BASHTASTIC coaching. The coaching industry is filled with guru's and fraudsters who just want your money. I don't operate that way. In fact, I strive to do the exact opposite - provide you the MAX value for the MIN cost. Don't take my word for it.  These testimonials are proof of that. If you're interested in career coaching, schedule a free career consultation today!


Ellen K.
(Chemical EGR, BSE)

Bashar is a one of a kind mentor. He has helped me tremendously improve my interviewing skills and my resume. He is not only extremely experienced and organized, but has an eye for every detail. Bashar helped me get multiple interviews and eventually an offer from my dream company. I consider Bashar my mentor not only from a professional development standpoint, but a lifelong mentor as well. Highly recommend Bashar if you're looking to upgrade your life and reach your goals!!

Ali A..jfif

Ali A.
(Electrical EGR, PhD)

Bashar has been absolutely incredible, and the coaching sessions with him are worth every penny. I am confident that every dollar invested in those sessions will pay dividends years later, as its completely changing the trajectory of my thinking/planning and thus how I am tackling my goals in life. What is great about Bashar is while he is very smart and organized, he is extremely empathetic and able to place himself in your shoes and think with you about making the most out of the areas of your life you choose to focus on. I could not recommend him enough! Bashar provided me value way beyond what I had anticipated.  Given his diverse set of expertise, I would encourage everyone from any background to seek a consultation with him!

Daniela Aizza_edited.jpg

Daniela A.
(Biomedical Science, BS)

Amazing! He goes above and beyond for his clients. His organization of the sessions was 10/10, everything was set up and clear for each meeting with summaries, homework, and what to expect. We did multiple different things to improve my skills and resume that I would not be able to get it done myself because I had no idea where to start. He broke everything into smaller tasks and made sure I was understanding everything throughout the whole process. I am really grateful I found him to help me and I am definitely hiring him again to practice interviews. 100% recommend him.

Neil M Headshot.jpg

Niel M.
(Economics, BS)

Bashar was very patient and clear with his communication. He was very helpful with a lot of the information that I was providing him. I would use his help again in the future.

Jeremy K Headshot.jpg

Jeremey K.
(Architecture, AD)

It was delightful, informative and very helpful overall working with Bashar to revise my resume. His relaxed yet deep approach uncovered so many ways to enhance the wording and layout of my document. The authentic and positive attitude he infused into our sessions opened up many new creative ideas that had never occurred to me before. Time speaking with Bashar is well spent, and I would encourage anyone looking for a coach to reach out to him!

Allan G Headshot.jpg

Allan G.
(Biological Sciences, BS)

This was one of the best services I have ever used!

Eva Z..jfif

Eva Z.
(Social Work, BSW)

Bashar really helped me break through my thoughts to help create a clear vision for a role I would like to pursue.

Damien D..jfif

Damien D.
(Economics, PhD)

Bashar was very clear with my questions and helped me through a comprehensive diagnosis about my strength and things to improve for my job hunting. Bashar did great in helping my interview and resume revision.

Christian J..jpg

Christian J.
(Computer Science, BS)

Best man for the job in all aspects!

Clients across industries, education & more!

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