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Welcome to the Bashtastic Fellowship. If you are interested in joining a community of growth-oriented individuals obsessed with self-improvement, this page is for you.

As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

What is this?
The Fellowship is a growth-oriented community focused on maximizing each member's human potential. We support each other so we can achieve our personal and professional goals. A society of high-quality, motivated people all striving for greatness and positive impact - together.

Why do we exist?
Because it can be so difficult to find growth-oriented, high-potential people in day-to-day life. People that are interested in building something bigger than themselves. People that are obsessed with unlocking their full potential. People who think they could go a lot farther with the support of a motivated and entrepreneurial community.

Why join the Fellowship?
Membership in the Fellowship offers many benefits: First and foremost, you have access to a mastermind of high-caliber operators who are interested in the success of our community. Second, you have a group of accountability partners. We're all interested in becoming the best version of ourselves, in creating new ventures, in creating a positive impact in the world. We support each other in that mission. Third, you have a no-judgement (but highly accountable) environment to work through your ideas and solutions. Everything discussed is confidential unless otherwise stated.

What's required from members?
Participate in self-improvement and fellowship discord.
Participate in monthly mastermind and support sessions.
Participate in annual event.

What qualities are we looking for in members?
We are looking for signs of high potential in whatever form it may take. People from any and all backgrounds will be considered. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive.

Mind - Growth mindset with a drive to unlock full potential, driven and curious.
Body - Health aware, bench and squat bodyweight, 10 minute mile or less.
Spirit - Belief in bigger powers and interconnectedness, spiritual or religious.

Educated - Bachelor's degree or higher, any subject, any school. Self-educated generalists and specialists.
Experienced -  5+ year record of success, entrepreneurial spirit, change-making, personal and professional development.
Results Oriented - 100k+ per year, self-made net worth, business owner, start-up operator.

Active membership is the lifeblood of this community. Participation in our rituals (discord, masterminds, misogi) is key.
At a minimum, this includes 30 minutes a week connecting with other members and a 2-hour monthly mastermind. We aim to keep a tight-knit membership. Anybody can ask for help. Everybody should be open and willing to help. 


Apply to the Fellowship:

We will review your submission as soon as possible. If you're a good fit, we'll reach out for an interview. Our membership is highly curated to ensure we have an active, tight-knit, potent, and respectful community. This is part of that process.

Thank you for applying to the Fellowship. We will review your submission and reach out at the earliest possible date.
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